Cain ToddCain Todd

Lecturer in Philosophy at Lancaster University, and Assistant Professor in Philosophy at University of Fribourg.

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Objectivity, Relativism, and Disagreements about Taste
Friday, 7 October 2011
16:00-18:00 at Senate House, Room G22/G26

The aim of this paper is to examine the nature of disagreement concerning matters of taste (and smell), focussing on the case of wine. First, I offer a defence of the objectivity of a certain class of judgements about wine and an account of the nature of justification involved therein. Second, I defend a particular relativist position concerning certain evaluative judgements about wine. Finally, I explore the implications of these issues for the possibility and plausibility of what has been called ‘faultless disagreement’ in judgements of taste.

Wine tasting

This presentation was followed by a wine tasting.