Testing the Antinomy of Taste

Wednesday, 16 November 2022, 16:00-18:00

Senate House, Room 243


In this talk, based on joint work with F. Contesi, E. Terrone, M. Campdelacreu, and R. García-Moya, I critically examine several studies, performed by experimental philosophers, that purport to show that there is no basis for the postulation of the Antinomy of Taste. I will extend my criticism to other studies in experimental philosophy that, in my view, all display the same kinds of problems.


Following NHS guidance, all attendees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated (including boosters) against Covid-19, unless medically exempt. Face coverings are still encouraged, especially in classrooms. Our group is diverse; please continue to be considerate of those who wear face coverings and those who don’t. Thank you.