Joshua LandyJoshua Landy

Professor of French and co-director of the Literature and Philosophy Initiative at Stanford University.

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Literature, Narrative, and the Shape of a Life
Thursday, 17 March 2010
16:00-18:00 at Senate House, Room 104


It is often said that lives are narratives. I want to complicate this bit of doxa in three ways: first, to reinstate the normativity (lives should perhaps be narratives, but are not always); second, to add the important adjective “literary” (lives should be literary narratives), exploring the role of specifically literary models in our acts of self-fashioning; and third, to challenge the hegemony of narrative (lives should also be poems, with proper emphasis given to non-narrative phenomena).

A Nation of Madame Bovarys: On the Problematic Possibility and Dubious Desirability of Moral Improvement through Fiction
Wednesday, 21 March 2007
14:00-16:00 at UCL Philosophy Department, Seminar Room