Aesthetics Bites is a podcast series that brings together some of the world’s leading philosophers for interviews about the most fascinating questions at the intersection of art, aesthetics and philosophy. A collaboration between the London Aesthetics Forum and Philosophy Bites, Aesthetics Bites is made possible by a grant from the British Society of Aesthetics.


Aaron Meskin on The Definition of Art

What is Art? That’s not an easy question to answer. Some philosophers even think it can’t be answered. Aaron Meskin discusses this question on this episode of Aesthetics Bites.


Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann on Disagreement About Taste

People clearly do disagree about aesthetic judgments. But does that mean that when such disagreements occur, at least one of the parties is wrong?


Eileen John on Art and Morality

The relation between art and morality is complex. Eileen John explores some of the ways that art, and literature in particular, can explore questions about how we should live.


Stephen Davies on Art and Evolution

What is the best evolutionary explanation of why art of some kind is found in every human culture? Stephen Davies discusses a variety of evolutionary accounts in this episode of the Aesthetics Bites podcast.


Kathleen Stock on Emotions and Fiction

Do we feel real emotions over fictional tragedies, such as the death of Anna Karenina in Tolstoy’s novel? In the second episode of Aesthetics Bites, Kathleen Stock discusses this question with Nigel Warburton.


Noël Carroll on Criticism

Should an art critic tell us whether a work of art is any good? In the first episode of Aesthetics Bites, Noël Carroll argues that evaluation is a central feature of criticism of art, dance, music, drama, movies and literature.