Art, Medium and the Challenges of the Conceptual

Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 16:00-18:00

Senate House, Room 243 (Click to register)


Medium is a neglected topic in the philosophy of art. My aim is to show that an adequate construal of artistic medium provides unified solutions to general philosophical problems concerning the definition, appreciation and ontology of art. I start by considering a range of more specific problems concerning conceptual art that are partly responsible for generating the general problems. After rejecting previous attempts to solve these problems, I show how an adequate construal of medium yields solutions to the specific problems about conceptual art. I then show how the same solutions can be used to address the general problems about definition, appreciation and ontology.


Following NHS guidance, all attendees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated (including boosters) against Covid-19, unless medically exempt. Our group is diverse; please continue to be considerate of those who wear face coverings and those who don’t. Thank you.